Meet Adam

Adam is a pretty cool dude that is musically gifted, can quote movie lines like nobody’s business, and has been able to wink since he was 4 years old.  He played little league, soccer, basketball, sang in choir, played in a high school band called Jazz Mavericks and post college played for The Lincoln Highway Band.  He has been published for his

poetic writings and has wicked great taste in music. (He loves our classic music videos here at the Assembly!!) After college, he and his college sweetheart made plans that included, a Physician’s Assistant degree, a music therapy career, marriage and children.  In the middle of that dream, Adam endured a shallow water diving accident and suffered a C3 C4 fracture that left him to live with quadriplegia.


Today, Adam and Jayne continue their dreams as she graduates with her PA degree, Adam has been able to play various instruments on a mouth-piece adaptor, and they still have plans for a family.  Because of his injury, Adam requires 24/7/365 care giving.  Money raised on his behalf will go to his ongoing monthly caregiving and medical needs.

Thank you for reading.
Gary and Jeanne Taylor
Assembly owners

P.S. Adam and Jayne are very near and dear to our hearts as
he is our nephew and she is his angel.